This month is not a big move. I still not earning any dollars and decide to save some expense. Merging 2 websites into the one is my solutions because it was on related niches. For now, I will have to manage only 3 sites. Let Check our movement and performance for December 2018.


Website (merging with ) 

Niche: Hunting Gear

Lifetime Invested : $802.5 Revenues : $8.84 Profit : -$793.66

This month Invested : $150 Revenues : $0 Profit : -$150

Last Month Visitor: 101

Published Article: 36

Main Keyword Search Volume: 4,300

What I Expense December 2018

Due to merging, I have to move some articles from the old website to this website and making a new section for that. But not redirects anything from old to a new site. I just want the article.

Content $ 64: Still seeding content to this website. But not on the reviews, I have published more information post to help readers got their information. I use Answer the Public to help to find a question that people will be searching for.

Link Building $ 86: Yes, now digging to that. I use 2 services solution.

Ultimate Backlink Packages from economicalclick Its was the cheapest link building that I found. With a quality that you can expect like a Fiverr or other link building services. The good thing is report is clear to understand and give me a list of URL that works in term of pyramid link building strategy.

And I went to try The Hoth in HOTH Foundations Small. The service quality is great. But for the price, I think its very higher than other.


Niche: Music Gear

Lifetime Invested : $122 Revenues : $0 Profit : -$122

This month Invested : $32 Revenues : $0Profit : -$32

Last Month Visitor: 57

Published Article: 12

Main Keyword Search Volume: 30,000

What I Expense December 2018

Content $ 32: I have ordered more 10+ Articles with 800 words to building more content. It like a top 10 or best 10 products reviews, but its more vary and wider to seed new content in the next month. It’s still not got a lot of traffic.


Niche: Mattress

Lifetime Invested : $99 Revenues : $0 Profit : -$99

Last Month Visitor: 21

Published Article: 15

Main Keyword Search Volume: 2,600

What I Expense December 2018

For this website, I will not do anything until it will go out of a sandbox. Because I want to know if not doing anything. How the performance will go. Cause this keyword its very niche and got low keyword score. By the way, I see some improvement in a visitor from last month.


Lifetime Invested : $1,023.5 Revenues : $8.84 Profit : -$1014.66

This month Invested : $273.32 Revenues : $0 Profit : -$273.32

3-month pass. Now it hitting $1000 expense. What the world will be going on?



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