Do you still believe earning in Amazon Affiliate in 2018?

For me I would say ” Don’t trust any words they would say on the internet, Just try it”

That why I’m here to show you how I would be a success in this case or not.

My name is Bill, a various jobber based in Bangkok. The one that I wanna try is going to be an Amazon Affiliate Successor that maybe only 0.0000001% people on the internet.  I was made some money from Amazon when back into 2012. The Era that auto blogging is very popular. Just auto blog and you will give earning.  For sure I’ve got banned from Amazon cause low-quality website. I never wanted to do Amazon again until now. Just because I don’t know how to fight with this. And I got a full-time job that taking a lot of time in my life. By the way, I always have a passion for making a website. Its one of interesting thing in my life.

Then I back to do Amazon Again with Micro Niche Site.

In this case study, I would show you what I do from zero and update it every month.  Unfortunately, all of my website on this project ( 4 websites) was making before this blog made. And I was hit egg breaking in November 2018 for the most realistic case study. I will show you my 4 website stat and what did I do before I’m here.

Let’s started


Niche: Hunting Gear

Invested : $612.5 Revenues : $8.84 Profit : -$603.66

Last Month Visitor: 184

Published Article: 32

Main Keyword Search Volume: 4,300

This is the most invested website both money and time. And still in Google Sandbox because this website is a brand new domain name. All of my target keywords are not in the top 100. I know that situation very painful. By the way, this website is the only site that hit egg breaking. Because I have published an article using keyword “Black Fridays + Niche Keyword + 2018”  that was fresh for my niche. Because no one targeted and creates content like this at this time.  Then this article went into top 5 in this keyword. and I got 1 sale with $8.84 earning after they calculate the fee. It was a good sign.

What I Expense since started – November 2018

Hosting : $24.99 x 2 = $49.98

I use Turbo Web Hosting From  for all my website. What I love is they are fully optimized hosting for WordPress. and quickly support.

Domain: $18

For a long-term relationship with internet marketing, I always using Godaddy. They always have a discount that suite for you. With a lot of tools that easier for newbies.

Content : $361

All of my content came from a good services writer. I never writing anything with my self at this time. The step that I work with them is finding a keyword,  title And give them a content structure that I researched. All of my content pass Copyscape checker. By the way, I will keep a name of channel my secret 😀

Link Building: $100

This thing that was a mystery for me. For now its still never help me get out of the sandbox. I bought some services from Fiverr and SEOClerks to build up some Web 2.0 link

Social Signal: $20

Do some Social Signal in Facebook Ads. Just setup campaign and then use objective Post Engagement and Traffic to gain some signals.

Other: $63.2

This website is invested a lot in finding keyword. I have buying keyword from some interested seller in bhw to get started. The other thing I do is the ideas to make an infographic and sharing on the infographic site. I think that thing is very tangible for other bloggers that found information and will give me a credit when they use my our infographic. So I was doing 1 infographic about my niches and then submitted it.


Niche: Music Gear

Invested : $90 Revenues : $0 Profit : -$90

Last Month Visitor: 2

Published Article : 3

Main Keyword Search Volume: 30,000

I was read many blogs that talk about Micro Niche. They always said you should selected niche that relates to your passion. So I decide to do no.2  of my website list in “Music gear” niche. the thing that differs from other is I research domain that already expired. Because I heard that some of the expired domain are full of external SEO. They have done some backlink via the various channel. So you can easily capture domain that suite for you in (Maybe I will explain more how to use it) and buy from your favorite domain seller. to set up your website.

What I Expense since started – November 2018

Domain: $18

Because Expired Domain is not in the protection, So you can buy at cheap at brand new domains.

Content : $72

It’s on the same strategy from the first website. But I just break into 800 – 1000 words per articles. Because the main keyword that I focused on is very competitive. I need a lot of related articles to support them.


Niche: Mattress

Invested : $99 Revenues : $0 Profit : -$99

Last Month Visitor : 0

Published Article: 15

Main Keyword Search Volume: 2,600

This one I buy services in BHW. Its a full service from start to get a website. Just wanna try and learn from others. I will not do anything much for this website before its get out of the sandbox.


Niche: Camping

Invested : $40 Revenues : $0 Profit : -$40

Last Month Visitor : 0

Published Article: 1

Main Keyword Search Volume: 9,000

This one is a domain that I used to do something in the last 6 month. So I think its already indexed. I came to re-structure them and turn into micro niches website.

What I Expense since started – November 2018

Content : $40

This one I focus on “Top 5 + Keyword” content like.


Invested : $841.5 Revenues : $8.84 Profit : -$832.66

It’s like a game of investment. For now, It’s not returned. All of my websites are didn’t perform well. but its only 2 months mark. I have set my goal in time frame 6 – 12 months. That it will make a profit of at least 100$ per month. So please stay tuned for the next update.

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