It’s still a really hard time. Since I have invested a lot of money, time to build a niche site. And it’s not returning on investment. But my skill has very improvement and learning a lot of SEO that’s its a good thing.


Niche: Hunting Gear

Lifetime Invested : $970.5 Revenues : $8.84 Profit : -$961.66

This month Invested : $168 Revenues : $0 Profit : -$168

Last Month Visitor: 169

Published Article: 50

Main Keyword Search Volume: 4,300

What I Expense January 2019

Since I really know I still didn’t provide good content quality in this site when comparing to the competitor. I have invested a lot of buying new content to improve that. Some of the content I used to update my old blog post. And merging very relate content into the ones. Overall my site now has an average of 1700 words per page. And I will be going to beat 2000 words per page in the next few months.

Content $ 168:  more than 20,000 words I bought this month.


Niche: Music Gear

Lifetime Invested : $261 Revenues : $0 Profit : -$261

This month Invested : $139 Revenues : $0Profit : -$139

Last Month Visitor: 307

Published Article: 20

Main Keyword Search Volume: 30,000

What I Expense January 2019

I used the same strategy as my first website. Add more content more and more.

Content $ 130: around 15,000 words

Facebook Ads $ 9: I used Facebook ads to test drive traffic to my website. Overall its perform well for good CPC, low bounce rate. But It’s not returning my investment.



Niche: Mattress

Lifetime Invested : $99 Revenues : $0 Profit : -$99

Last Month Visitor: 21

Published Article: 15

Main Keyword Search Volume: 2,600

What I Expense January 2019

Still not doing anything.


Lifetime Invested : $1,330.5 Revenues : $8.84 Profit : -$1321.66

This month Invested : $307 Revenues : $0 Profit : -$307

4 months And still no revenues. I will not give up. Good thing will take times.

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