After you have started the niche website for a while. You will probably begin to doubt that How long do I have to write content for it? How Google will be satisfied with the content on my website?. This question also happened to me as well. How do we know?

How Much Text Do I Need For Niches Site? Siteliner Can Help You
How Much Text Do I Need For Niches Site? Siteliner Can Help You

Learning from Your Competitors

Of course, the easiest thing to know about how long we have to write content is Googling it. Search for keywords that we are competing with other websites. Check the top 10 of searches. Who is doing the same website as our niche, which is the basic thing that we have to do since we first started thinking about that niche, but this time we will focus on the number of words on the competition website?


Writing longer, writing better, Arranging structure better. Surely, Google will have to focus on our website and we will definitely rank better.


Why You Should Consider Siteliner?

In addition to the top 10 checks on the website, the tool that I would like to recommend today is the Siteliner. In fact, this website will check our content whether there is duplicate content or not. Both internal and external are great. The duplicate content check can be comforted because this tool is made by the same owner of Copyscape. The best website for detecting content that everyone uses and Siteliner also helps check the other metrics that will help. It will help achieve our goal to do our best on page SEO. And very important, Siteliner can use it for free to check the first 250 pages of the website, which that enough for people doing this niche site at the beginning stage. Or if you want to support, you can apply for a Siteliner Premium. Can check up to 25,000 pages and other better benefits.

How to Check Your Average Content-Length?

Let’s give an example from one website that is doing in the real case study. It is in hunting niche. I will check with other 2 competitors on the top 10 pages.

Our Site

Competitor A
Competitor B

Firstly, Siteliner let me knows % of duplicate, common and unique contents for an internal site. If our content more unique when compared to competitor. You can ensure that your site quality enough. Don’t panic when seeing the number of duplicate percentages is high. Because some page has the same content if you setting categories, tag, homepage.

In this case, I was lost to all competitor in duplicate content. So I need to fix it’s for a better niches site as soon as possible haha.

Our Site

Competitor A

Competitor B

Here is how we check for average content length. Let see the columns Number of Words per page. You can know that the median for all site in this world is around 652. But for a niche site, they have all written around 1000 – 3000+ words in some strong niches. And Yes I become rank 2nd on an average number of words. But I will order more 2000 words per contents to ensure that I stronger in this field.

Other Tips for some Metrics

Average Page Size – Less is better for this case. It will help decrease page load time. You can easily do that by using Google Page Speed Insight and GTmetrix to analyzing your page And both will show how to optimize your page size. I was doing better than competitors.

Average Page Load Time – Less is better too. Google has recommended page load time must be less than 3 seconds. My speed is not greatest because I don’t use CDN at this time. Maybe if I get out of the google sandbox, CDN will be the first one to consider for decrease it.

Text to HTML Ratio – Less is might be better. Because its mean you’re well structured your content with less coding. I have a too much HTML code than other. Some of them are a table or richer content on a page to help people more engaging with my content.

Alternative Tool

SEMRush – If you have enough budget. I think this is the great tools that focused on beating your competitors. they show all stat and how to fix. how to beat it. It will let you know no. of the word of top 10 in search result instantly. I have gone to use and it shows around 1500 words too.


You may know that on average words per content is now rising up more than 1000 words. And if you check on the facebook groups, forum, Reddit or other niches talking site. They have focused to do more 3000 words. Sound crazy right? It very competitive because the game has changed. In this analyzing stage I know I’m not better too other. So I will try to do more on page SEO. And will be updated to your folks.

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